Erum Dynamic Solutions Taking the Sustainable Route for Growth

With a worldwide presence, Erum provides global solutions for all hanging needs for clothes, transportation, storage and presentation. Nominated by retailers/brands like Carrefour, Auchan, Alcampo, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Sfera, Hipercor, El Corte Ingles, Eroski, Siplec, H&M, Dockers, Calvin Klein, Mothercare, Levi’s, among others, the company claims to be the most effective, economical and attractive way to meet various hanging needs.
Manufacturing a wide range of hangers, the product range is divided into three segments – big European designers for which the company is providing customized products, big wholesalers from anywhere in the world and local customers with specific range for each country. Even as the global economy took a dip in 2010, Erum was able to register a 70% increase in sales with respect to 2009. A growth area for the company is the increased demand for garments on hangers by all major retailers/brands. “The new design of logistic hangers optimizes the channel better from the origin countries to shops in destination and is emerging as a major demand area,” says Juan Manuel.
In India, the company has over the years taken deep roots with a manufacturing plant in Bangalore and marketing offices in Delhi and Tirupur. To ensure that the quality of hangers produced in the country are at par with international standards, Erum has put in place many quality checks as prescribed by Global Certifications like Reach Normative, Occupational Hazard and Safety Systems, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 for quality and environment, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certificate and Green Partner Certificate for Partnership in Environment Responsibility.
In fact, Sustainability is a major thrust area for the company. “Erum Group’s environmental division devotes its efforts to recover and recycle plastic material, to manage toxic and dangerous products, as well as environmental consulting. This allows to provide a global treatment and to obtain a system that enables material recycling and reuse. Currently, these divisions have plants allover the world and through its efforts almost 100% of products in Europe and Africa are from reused/recycled material, while in Asia the same is around 70%.
The Erum Group has undertaken the commitment to manufacture in a sustainable and environmentallyfriendly manner, for which it has entered agreements with large subsidiary companies for the recycling and assessment as regards to the environment. “Our commitment also covers technical and economic optimization of waste management, pollution prevention and minimization promotion, strict compliance with current legislation and rational use of natural resources,” avers Juan. Since the past five years, Erum Group has been working on a new line aptly called ‘Reduce Material, Sustain the World’. This range is made by different types of materials, mixing plastics with textiles, cardboards, pet, bio-products, and wooden among others. “It is one of the most successful projects thanks to the environmental conscience of our customers,” adds Juan Manuel.
Taking into account that the country of origin does not have a good management for separation of materials and colours once the product is recycled the obtained mixture will be used for black or dark colours limiting the producers to a final product with the obtained colours.If a change was made at origin, with a good management for separating colours, the product/sector where the material could be offered would be wider and it would reach a higher value compared to the present one.
Very upbeat of the future, the company has defined growth projections and commitments for the next two years. “Our business plan includes the goal of increasing our turnover by 30% over the next two years and increasing our international presence to improve our service and give a most competitive price to our customers around the world,” concludes Juan Manuel.
Apparel OnlineJuly 7, 2011